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A firm for the manufacture of pottery was established by Job Ridgway in 1774.
He built a factory at Cauldon Place at Hanley in Staffordshire in 1802. Job’s two sons John and William joined the firm in 1808 which then became known as Ridgway and Sons, then J & W Ridgway when Job died and later John Ridgway & Co. Bone china of excellent quality was introduced in 1821. John Ridgway became Potter to Queen Victoria. He sold out his interest  in 1858 and died two years later.
 The firm became John Ridgway Bates & Co. from 1856 to1858, then Bates, Brown-Westhead & Moore from 1859 to 1861, and finally Brown-Westhead, Moore and Co. for the next 42 years from 1862 to 1904. The initials for these various firms formed the backstamps for those times. The crown in the backstamp was introduced in 1891. The firm became Cauldon Ltd. in 1905 and the name again changed to Cauldon Potteries Ltd. in 1920. The previous appointment to Queen Victoria allowed the firm to be known as Royal Cauldon and this was used in the backstamp from 1930.
 The firm was divided in 1962. The porcelain side was continued by E.W. Brain & Co. Ltd., now Coalport in turn part of the Wedgwood group. Cauldon Potteries Ltd. was acquired by Pountney & Co. Ltd. of Bristol but this business failed in 1977.  Pourtneys considered that they could trace their origins to 1652 so that pieces marked Royal Cauldon, Est 1652 or that contained Bristol in the backstamp were made between.1963 and 1977. The name Cauldon Potteries Ltd. was re-established by the Perkes Ceramic Group of the Kingston & Ferrybridge Potteries in Yorkshire in 1985.


The earlier pieces had the name or appropriate initials:

I RIDGWAY                          1802-1808
RIDGWAY & SONS                1808-1813
J & W RIDGWAY                   1814-1830
J & WR                                1814-1830
JWR                                    1814-1830
JR or IR or JOHN RIDGWAY   1830-1841
JR & Co.                              1841-1855  

Brown-Westhead, Moore and Co. marks from 1862 to 1904 and Cauldon marks subsequent to 1902 include: